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We are ever evolving and wanting to make sure each and every client is taken care of to the best of our abilities, in doing so we are also making sure we take care of our incredibly talented and hardworking staff.

Starting with cancellations, we understand there is circumstances that involve you needing to cancel or move an appointment and we are ready to accommodate by any means we can, understanding this if it becomes a constant situation we are obligated to request a deposit to hold your future appointment. *This deposit goes towards your future appointment and if you don't show to that next appointment the stylist you were booked with will still make something since they are now missing a large part of their income for the day. You will be asked to make another deposit it you don't show that day as well.

Secondly, showing up to appointments on time, we get traffic, children, car problems, all of these issues can arise. We will call you 15 minutes after your appointment and see if you are close or needing to reschedule, it is up to your stylist if you need to reschedule if it will be affecting their next clients appointments. If tardiness becomes a habit your stylist can request a deposit as well to make sure again they aren't missing out on income due to an appointment they cannot fill in their schedule the day of.

We will always be accommodating in situations that are out of your control. Please, just be understanding that this is your stylists job as well and they want to make sure you're taken care of just as much as the next client with plenty of time to make your hair look beautiful!

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